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Tatweer Technology Solutions is a focused Cyber Security Integrator and Consultant. Being a young company, and at the same time part of AlShareef Holding Group, gives Tatweer the energetic mindset and financial Power and stability to make a difference in the market. Our portfolio covers a wide scope of the enterprise security architecture, which provides a holistic security position.
Our mission is to always be Technology-Driven and Vendor-Free in our thinking, to provide the most agile and strong solutions to our customers necessary to archive their security goals. We focus on providing industry leading support and service along all our security domains. Each organization has different security goals and milestones, and organization from Tatweer's view are either the one that know they under attack, or the ones that don't yet know that fact. Nevertheless, our consultative and relationship-based approach ensures we work with our customers to create a difference and become a real partner of trust.

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Our Domains

Security Designed by Hackers
  • Endpoint Security

    End Point Security is the one of the most important and primary elements when it comes to security, but it is no longer AV systems, nor is it a one-size fits all approach. It is now all about being able to understand and act smartly and responsibly with the current threats. We see this area as a very vital area of improvement, and try to cover as much as possible of this essential space with all professionality and long-term vision. We aim to provide solutions that provide real-time protection and visibility, providing state-of-the-art defense to the endpoints.

  • Network Security

    Network Security is the backbone of all security systems, if the network is vulnerable, a lot of risk is everywhere no matter how the other areas are secure. It is no longer the game of known attacks, thus it should not be the defense of predefined and outdated shields. We partner with the top-notch technology leaders in this area, ensuring we have the full know-how and experience to dig deep into network security, thus providing a comprehensive and ample portfolio of solutions and services, covering both on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

  • Web & Email Security

    Content Security, covering both Email and Web, are covered b y a various set of solutions that ensure governance, privacy, legalities and visibility. The aim of these solutions is to ensure that our customers have full control over their contents and communication to the external world, and that attacks from this area are covered as much. Our partners are leaders in this area, and they offer extensive solutions.

  • Application Security

    Application Security is a neglected area in a lot of entities, not being aware of its extreme and intense risks. Developers and Application Managers might not be aware of all the backdoors and flaws in the application, either internally or externally. We see this as a very important area, specially with the understandable need of mobilizing the applications and moving them to a more accessible state. We cover this area extensively, ensuring all aspects of application and performance.

  • User Security Managment

    User Security Management as a very perilous area that is covered by both security and governance prospective. Audit and Compliance requirements are always the main mover of this area until an incident of un-authorized use. In this capacity, it is important to ensure that control is the main factor. We can provide identity management, access management, single sign-on (SSO), access governance, identity tracking and active directory (AD) administration.

  • Data Security

    Data Security as a fundamental space of the overall security landscape is a very tricky area. A lot of projects and initiatives in this area bring more headache than they bring peace-of-mind. Providing the right solutions alone is not the key-stone, but providing the right vision and services is what makes a real difference. We treat this area as important as it is. The knowledge and experience we provide ensures that projects are implemented matching the business goals and providing the real value.

  • Risk & Compliance

    Risk and Compliance has become a core attention space to know what is happening from a security prospective. It is no longer a luxury for big and complex networks, but it is a standard now that people have to accommodate too. Tools are becoming more interactive and collaborative. We provide the visibility and control over the security portfolio using our strong foundation of knowledgebase and experience that not only provides monitoring, but provides proactive management in all relevant compliance standards, across the organization.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Tatweer Technology Solutions operates as a technology-driven / vendor-free partner, thoroughly assessing your current security framework, in order to help the organization. This includes validating the IT security posture, improve policies and procedures, and provide essential knowledge to educate employees on how to protect company data and meet regulatory compliance demands. We have a focus on ISO 27001, NESA, ISR, IT Risk assessment, comprehensive gap analysis and customized development of policies and procedures for your organization.


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Our Services

security designed by Hackers
  • Security Assessment

    Tatweer provides security assessment for our customers worldwide.

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  • Security Awareness and Training

    Security awareness training is a formal process for educating employees about cyber security

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Security Designed by Hackers

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